Exo Terra Incubator Unit

The Exo Terra Incubator Unit uses thermoelectric technology which enables the device to cool and to heat. The temperature range is approximately 36 degrees F to 140 degrees F, depending on the ambient room temperature. The temperature can be easily set using the digital control, and the bright-light LED display indicates the current incubation temperature. The Exo Terra Incubator Unit has a transparent door and interior lighting to easily monitor the incubation and hatching process. Unlike conventional incubators, the Exo Terra Incubator automatically starts cooling when the temperature exceeds the set incubation temperature and automatically switches back to heating mode when the temperature drops below the set incubation temperature. This cooling and heating combination is extremely useful in rapidly changing environments and during hot summers. The Exo Terra Incubator Unit prevents egg loss due to overheating by automatically switching into cooling mode until the set incubation temperature is reached, and it is the ideal place for hibernation. Humidity is provided by adding water to the slide-out tray in the bottom of the unit or by adding an extra (optional) container with water.

Exo Terra Incubator Unit Product Features

  • Thermoelectric reptile egg incubator; Heats and cools eggs
  • Temperature range of 36 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit; Can be set by digital control
  • Accurate cooling and heating combination, prevents egg loss; Ideal for hibernating
  • Equipped with large transparent door; Interior light switch (on/off) to easily monitor the eggs
  • Measures 12 inches length x 13 inches width x 18 inches height Exo Terra Incubator Unit

3 thoughts on “Exo Terra Incubator Unit”

  1. Exactly what I expected I have spent over twenty years in an industrial workplace using temp controllers, so the technology this incubator uses it pretty old to me. I have seen a lot of bad reviews for this item but it really comes down to it being a consumer product.If you need a cheap incubator which is going to hold temp within a few degrees of the set temp then this product will work fine. Being a small consumer product there are many things you shouldn’t expect from it.Do NOT expect it to…

  2. Good design…poor performance This is item is the same as the Reptipro 5000 sold by the company itself and by other dealers.The item is well built and worth the price, but there is a serious problem with this item – it has a very hard time maintaining humidity. I’ve worked with mine for 2 weeks now, and I can NEVER get the humidity over 85% even at 90 degrees. I’m incubating kingsnake eggs, so the temp. is around 82 degrees and the humidity needs to be 95% or so consistently (at in least 90-100% range). The…

  3. 10 healthy chicks out of 13 fertile eggs Growing up I used a Brower 845 incubator that my uncle had bought for 50 cents at a school auction to hatch chicken eggs. When I got back into breeding chickens 17 years later I was shocked to see that the price for comparable incubators was $300.00 plus. I wanted something cheap that would hold the temperature and humidity well.I purchased the ExoTerra on-line directly from the manufacture for 1/3 the price of the other incubators I had seen. Selling points were cost, looks,…

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